• Our Ethos

    Inspirational storytelling for a global audience.


    We are the digital arm of Prominent Media and Communications, the Midlands based

    agency that consists of dedicated and experienced staff with fantastic talent.


    We have seasoned marketers, scriptwriters, and film crew that cut their teeth at the BBC and ITV, plus a production team that trained in London to handle everything from pre-production, straight through to global digital distribution,

    and promotional services


    We provide professional video production and digital promotion services including:







  • Reach out globally.

    maximise your brand potential

  • Our Showreels

    LIVE Broadcast Showreel 2019

    Promotional Showreel 2019

    Racing Showreel 2019

  • Broadcast Quality Aerial Filming

    We are fully compliant to conduct commercial aerial filmmaking and photography through our
    Permission for Commercial Operations from the CAA.

    Drone Showreel 2019


    Our latest addition to our drone collection is The Inspire 2 which has an all-new image processing system that records at up to 5.2K in CinemaDNG RAW, Apple ProRes, as well as H.264 and H.265.


    The drone can travel from 0 to 50mph (80kph) in just 5 seconds and can increase to a maximum speed of 58mph (94kph).


    And with a dual battery system onboard it increases the flight time to a maximum of 27 minutes, while its self-heating technology allows

    it to fly even in low temperatures.

  • Digital Trends

    in a global maketplace


    ... in 2018, 50% of your content mixture should be text and video.


    You need to make the shift to what your consumers are on.


    80% of web traffic

    The same video footage can be used to produce full-length videos, short mini clips for social media, and introductory teasers for email.


    Video is projected to claim more than 80% of all web traffic by 2020.


    ....of internet users watch an hour or more of video each day, and Facebook alone generates approximately 8 billion views on a daily basis.


    of video marketing is successful. 


    It is suggest that over 80 percent of those who’ve tried video say it shows an appreciable return.

    100% growth

    YouTube is a way of publishing your efforts, but videos are also widely shared across social media.


    According to YouTube, mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year.


    92% of mobile users ....

    ... who view mobile videos also share them with other people.


    This is higher than the share rate of many other types of content currently being used.

  • Drone 3D Mapping

    We can help you take project management to a whole new level of competency using our drone 3D mapping facilities. 


    Through our system we are able to assist you to calculate and manage stockpiles, measure distances, gauge elevation, track site progress and keep stakeholders informed while aiding your projects to meet deadlines.


    Time saving is a big factor in utilising our drone and software reporting system.


    The usual manual method takes three to four weeks - however, we can generate a full report in

    just one to four days!


    Soil mapping and Irrigation optimisation


    Site progress, planning and surveying


    Survey grade maps

    Inspection and Insurance

    Improve safety and gather thermal imaging

  • R U Hacking?
    Reading University 2019

    Are you a Lecturer at a University? - or currently studying at University?


    Do you arrange Hackathon Events? We can help!


    We recently completed a film at Reading University at their 'R. U. Hacking? 2019' event.


    The programming marathon put teams ideas together to create something exciting over only 24 hours.


    It also gave the teams of hackers a chance to turn their ideas into reality and present them.


    The film included interviews with the organisers, students, and one of the business sponsors and was issued to various social media channels.


    We created and edited the film onsite and it was available for use early afternoon the same day.


    Please contact us to learn more about how can help your University too.

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    We would love to hear from you.

  • 3D, 360 and
    Virtual Reality walk throughs

    With one single scan you can now get everything you need to market,
    inspect, or redesign your venue.
    One 3D Model with numerous perspectives.
    Click on the videos below for an example of what we can do...

    Ideal for a property tour.

    Ideal for Retail

    Enable prospective clients to experience your office space

    Great for Restaurants

    Contact us today to learn how we can promote your venue too.

  • LIVE Broadcasts!


    Live and ready to broadcast to the Internet.
    And if no internet is available we can broadcast from our own satellite system too.


    We are a video production company offering LIVE streaming and video services for broadcast, brands and agencies.


    Our LIVE stream events to global audiences go out via the web or play out to giant screens and the LIVE event television we create engages, informs and entertains audiences, by delivering your message and brand.


    If you need a video production company that specialise in LIVE broadcasting we can help you and we can broadcast from anywhere, to everywhere.


    With over 50 years experience in news, current affairs, corporate and event production, we have the people, the ability and the credits to cover anything that gets thrown at us.


    Technical challenges are right up our street, and we have developed systems for LIVE streaming from some pretty unusual places including LIVE streams from vehicles, boats and from free-fall parachutes.


    We own and operate multiple flyaway vision mix facilities, enabling us to cover conferences with multiple simultaneous LIVE broadcasts and the experienced operators to run them.


    LIVE streaming from anywhere to everywhere enabling our clients to share their events to global audiences.


    Consequently we can provide a secure, interactive platform, enabling you to deliver CPD and corporate messages.


    Alternatively. you may simply want to share things with the world through Facebook, Youtube or Periscope - and if you want to do all of this at the same time, it's not a problem, we have the technology to achieve this.


    LIVE streaming Event TV, bringing your events to life and delivers up to the minute experiences for your attendees by creating a live content channel online and at the venue.


    We help create a buzz and interacting with social media channels like twitter we enhance your visitor engagement and reach a much wider audience.


    Our latest LIVE broadcast from Millennium Point in Birmingham to help launch

    The Ark Hub

  • Recent Work

    Sporting Group


    Launch Showreel


    Sporting Group International is a unique company with a bright future. They have ambitious plans to change the approach to recruitment of people, the sale of rights, international development, identifying new ways of working, adding value and building long standing relationships within sport.


    NOT 2

    incompetence at its best!


    How NOT 2 is a training company with a different way of teaching essential business skills.

    They are successfully using their model of expert incompetence where their videos challenge people to spot the (deliberate) errors that they make!

    West Bromwich

    Albion FC

    Flash Mob in Birmingham


    We helped launch their new home kit with a Flash Mob in Birmingham.


    We took over Grand Central Birmingham and Birmingham New Street Station with dancers from Spotlight Stage School.

    Hilton Hotel

    Puckrup Hall



    Promotional film to show the golf and leisure facilities at the Hotel.

    FCL Global


    Birmingham, Glasgow & London


    Sea, air, and road freight was covered in this promotional film - and our in-house drone experience can be fully viewed here.



    Kelly Phasey

    Fitness Gym

    Redditch, Worcestershire


    Promotional film to show the facilities at the gym of this GB Powerlifter.



    Music for Youth

    Royal Albert Hall

    Three night film shoot at their

    2018 Annual Proms event, where 1000 young people performed lived each night.



  • Case Study

    Wellington Barracks filming for The Pertemps Group


    Pertemps - Driving Division


    To film Driving and Army Reserves employment model launch at Wellington Barracks 


    Three cameras over a two day shoot consisting of interviews and event footage.

    Case Study

    Hilton Liverpool City


    Hilton Hotel Liverpool


    To create a film that highlights their

    'Corporate Facilities'


    Three cameras, our in-house drone and CAA authorised pilot and steady-cams over a two day shoot.

    Case Study

    Pertemps Go Karting Championship 2019





    To film the annual Go Karting event which is open to all staff.


    Two cameramen, one director, a gimbal, go-pro and our own in-house drone pilot and drone ensured we completed this project with all bases covered!

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  • Client Spotlight

    Website creation for GB Powerlifter

  • TV commercial's

    From idea creation to complete production...

  • TV in a Card video brochures

    It's the future!

    Once we have created your video - what better way to show it off!

    Visual and professional

    The Video Story!

    Hard-back 7-inch high definition screens with inside front cover and business card holder now available.


    NOW AVAILABLE brand new 10inch HD screen in an A4 hard-back brochure!


    Contact us now for more information and prices.

    The concept of a video in a card was first invented in 2006 and today we are able to utilise new technology with TV in a Card video brochures with 180 degree view HD screens, printed pages in the brochure and Point of Sale material too.


    The TV in a Card video brochure utilises 512MB systems as standard, which delivers complete future flexibility for videos that need to be uploaded or added or altered in any way.


    Enhancement of the brochures can come to life with clever printing processes, and we offer special finishes that include foiling and spot UV which can make a real difference to the end product.


    To find our more complete our enquiry form below.

  • Meet the Management Team

    We are patient and calm and really easy to work with...


    Managing Director

    Steve is founder of our company and an executive producer that can be found on site at clients projects. He is also a long-standing scriptwriter and heads up our digital content services and green screen production studio.


    Operational Director

    Graham has been a news cameraman for nearly 30 years. Now specialising in live broadcasting everything from corporate meetings, concerts and sporting events and is bringing broadcast standards to web productions.



    Creative Director

    Tom has over 15 years experience working in professional multimedia production. He has lectured in film production for various Universities, and has directed over 100 brand promotion films in the past three years.


    Creative Producer

    Miche has an extensive professional background in digital design and production, working with global publishers and design studios in London. She is a focused autonomous producer with consistently contemporary creative flair.


    Project Manager

    Lisa looks after all of our projects and keeps them on track with our online TeamWork project management tool.

    She also ensures that all projects are delivered on time and within the agreed budget.


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    Also in Berlin and Dubai
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Privacy and Data Protection Policy
Prominent Digital Limited have measures in place to protect rights of, and the personal information that we hold for individuals and organisations. 

We work hard to comply with all relevant laws including the UK Data Protection Act (1998) and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) introduced in May 2018. 

We maintain internal data protection and privacy policies on which all our staff is trained to ensure that we meet our obligations under these laws. 

We review and change our policies and processes regularly to ensure that we continue to meet any changing demands of the applicable laws. We encourage our staff to be vigilant and to report to the Directors any suspected non-compliance with our policies, and are committed to taking actions whenever these reports are made.

Information that we gather and your rights and in particular with reference to the GDPR regulations individuals have important rights. 

The following is information on how Prominent Digital Limited treat each of these rights.

The right be informed
You have the right to know what we do with your data and why, how you can withdraw your consent for us to do that, and exactly who we are.

This policy applies to Prominent Digital Limited whose registered office is 104 Southover, London. N12 7HD and the person responsible for the privacy policy and its application is the Managing Director.

We may hold lawful information about an individual from completion of our website contact form and this is how we confirm their consent.

We retain this information for as long as your confirmation continues to be applicable or for a period of six years then we delete the personal information from our systems.

If at any time you wish to withdraw your consent or make a complaint about our handling of personal data then you can email gdpr@prominentmc.com, or write to us at the address given above, and we will remove that consent, or contact you regarding your complaint within one month, but normally sooner.

The right of access
If you wish to know what data we store about you, in order to check that it is accurate or being used lawfully, then you may email gdpr@prominentmc.com, or write to us at the address given above, and we will provide you with any data that we hold about you in the same format in which you made the request.

We will do this within one month. 

The right to rectification
If you believe the information we hold about you to be inaccurate then you may email us on gdpr@prominentmc.com or write to us at the address above to let us know.

We will correct the information we store and we will do this within one month of the request.

The right to erasure
You may request that we erase the information that we hold about you (also known as the right to be forgotten). 

You may request this if you believe that we no longer need the information for which it was originally lawfully collected, and that you have withdrawn or never gave your consent for us to use the data for marketing purposes, or you feel that it was unlawfully processed.

Please contact us with your request on gdpr@prominentmc.com or write to us at the address above to let us know.

We will consider these requests and take appropriate action within one month of the request.

The right to restrict processing
You may ask us to restrict the processing of your personal information if you think it is inaccurate, you object to the processing, or you wish us to retain the information past the point at which we would normally remove it as you wish to establish or defend a legal claim.

Please contact us with your request on gdpr@prominentmc.com or write to us at the address above to let us know.

We will consider these requests and take appropriate action within one month of the request.

The right to data portability
You may request a copy of the data that we hold about you in a machine-readable format (for example an Excel spreadsheet or text file) for the purposes or re-using that data for any reason. 

Please contact us with your request on gdpr@prominentmc.com or write to us at the address above to let us know.

We will provide this free of charge within one month.

The right to object
If you object to our handling of your data then you may inform us of your objection by emailing us on gdpr@prominentmc.com or write to us at the address above to let us know.

If we agree with your written objection, and whilst we consider it, that we have no legal right to use the data in the way to which you are objecting, then we will restrict the processing of that data free of charge and within one month.
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